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  • Sep. 16, 2016

    Ayurveda is an indeed complete science of healing! Why is that so! Why every other person we come across has the same opinion? 

    Well, every author who responds or jot down an artical regarding the same surprising questions has a sea to deep in, hence making the writing more challenging for a writer and more interesting for a reader.

    Getting to the topic…

    THE 3 DOSHAs… well heard a lot about it right! And the 3 Gunas? Guess that too is widely know in to the lobby of people talking and learning AYURVEDA. Have you ever wondered how they influence eachother!!! 

    Lets find out…

    The 3 Doshas: Vata, Pitta, Kapha

    All the three of them are constituting factors for biology of the living beings. Therefore they are considered to be the physical part of an Ayurvedic assessments of one may say that the physical built and physiological functions of the body can be classified under the dosha classification. Each dosha has its Prakruti and Vikruti, which helps your Vaidhya (Ayurvedic Doctor) decide about your Vyadhi(Disorder/Disease). But they are not alone to be considered by your VAIDHYA as they are in conjunction with the strong influence of THE 3 GUNAS,…

    The 3 Gunas: Satva, Rajas, Tamas

    All the three of them constructs the quality of one’s mindset and psyche. Defining them further, Satva Guna is the highest quality guna amongst all the three. It gives better healing ability at ghe ailments of body and mind both comparing it with other two, Rajas and Tamas.Rajas Guna is like fuel to satva and tamas, i.e. added rightly in Satva it adds higher ability to follow spiritual path and added in Tamas it take to the darkness of mind and thought as well as it spoils the physical and mental health. Tamas Guna is the reactive and extremist by nature, its presence in predominance gives rise to all extremes of emotions and thoughts. Its exaggeration leads to distraction of self and surroundings.

    Now let us understand how these Gunas influences the Doshas of one’s holistic being…

    Satvic Vata: Comprehensive, Creative, Open Minded, Excellent Communicators, Strong physical mental and emotional healing ability, Inspiring.

    Rajasic Vata: Always Active, Restless, Over Ambitious, Easily distractable, Hyperactive and Inconsistent, Talkative, Noisy.

    Tamasic Vata: Fearfull, Deceptive, Extremists, Agaist the Law nature, Exaggerated Sexuality, Addictions, Escaping Tendency, Irresponsible, Suicidal Tendency.


    Satvic Pitta: Warm, Intelligent, Shining Persona, Disciplined, Considering and Understanding others, Visionary of Development, Indeed Leaders.

    Rajasic Pitta: Inclined to Success regardless of ethics or methods, Unstopabble on the path of achieving Power or Position, Critical and Controling Natured, Intolerant, Angry. 

    Tamasic Pitta: Distractive, Violent, Shows least interest in what others feel, Criminal mindset and Activity prone,  Psychopathic and Paranoid Kind.


    Satvic Kapha: Love, Devotion, Faith and Commitment are thier all time acknowledgements, contended and comfortfull to the people, peaceful and stable at mind, Loyal, Forgiving, Nurturing and Supportive. 

    Rajasic Kapha: Dominating by providing materialistic benefits, Greedy, Seaking welth, Asset Oriented, Never Satisfied

    Tamasic Kapha: Stagnant, Addicts, insensitive, Frequently Depressed, Dull Thinking, Always Blame others, Refuse to make efforts, Lethargic and Depended on others for their jobs or duties.
    Well, enough of just reading the article, take a note of where you stand on the list and start improving your holistic health. 

    At last… thats the awesomeness of AYURVEDA. :) 

    Soon i will publish another artical ON HOW TO ACHIEVE SATVA in every Dosha types.

    So stay tuned and keep checking me..




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